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Two Nation Vacation : Southern Nova Scotia and Downeast Maine Begin the Quoddy Loop

by Travelin' Tony T (Editor @ Large)

Cat Ferry links Nova Scotia to Maine, USA
The "Cat Ferry" links
Nova Scotia to Maine
   As a native Nova Scotian, I have always felt somewhat of a kinship with our American cousins to the Southwest, the State of Maine, Vacationland USA ! I have a lot of readers who come up from various parts of the US into the Atlantic Provinces through Maine. You can drive through the Calais/St. Stephen border or take the exciting new Cat Hi-Speed ferry from Bar Harbor to Yarmouth. Our trip “Downeast” in Maine and the New Brunswick Fundy coast area collectively know as the “Quoddy Loop” left me with the real sense that our relationship with Maine is an even closer kinship than first realized. This coastal area of the state so closely resembles the seaside areas of my home province, I sometimes had to give my head a shake to realize that I hadn’t just taken a leisurely drive down Nova Scotia’s south shore ! Wherever you end up, be assured the “Quoddy” area seems to be the place the term “quaint coastal vistas” was invented.

his trip can be made many ways and in various stages. We went from Halifax, Nova Scotia. You can do all or part of the trip from wherever you end want to begin or end up. This article will provide you with as much, or as little information as you need. Including tons of photos, maps, directions, insights and opinions. Take them or leave them ! You can navigate to your specific areas of interest through the handy links on each page. Have fun and happy trails.

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Also: The Cat , Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park

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